International 招生 & 援助

International 招生 & 援助


At esball国际平台客户端, your goals know no boundaries. Achieve more than you ever thought possible at one of the nation's top-tier universities.

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High returns on investments, impressive placement rates, 著名的教授, diverse research opportunities, a tight-knit community and strong focus on hands-on learning through internships and co-ops are a few things that set us apart.


Office of Undergraduate International 招生

电话: 315-268-6480 

Office of esball国际app招生

电话: 518-631-9831 
Email for International Students:

A Clarkson degree holds one of the highest returns on your investment in education — we boast a 96 percent placement rate for undergraduates and a 98 percent placement rate for graduate students in their chosen fields. An emphasis on innovative thinking, 领导, and career development throughout your time as a student, as well as an impressive and far-reaching alumni network, will provide you with a highly in-demand skill-set, impressive career earnings potential and opportunities. 


At Clarkson you'll have the opportunity to conduct research with 著名的教授 members. Our community of scholars are working on innovative solutions to pressing issues in engineering, 科学, 技术, healthcare and business to create a better tomorrow. 

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Our curriculum emphasizes hands-on learning, which means undergraduate students are required to take part in a Professional Experience like an internship or co-op during their time at Clarkson. 类似的, graduate students work with local companies to apply what they're learning in the classroom to real problems faced by actual companies. In addition to this opportunity to gain real-life, professional experience, our Career Center offers a variety of services and resources to help you improve your resume and interview skills and find career opportunities.

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大约4个,600 undergraduate and graduate students at our Potsdam campus, Clarkson offers a tight-knit community experience. Outside of academics our students are involved in more than 200 clubs, organizations and activities. Many students also take advantage of our scenic location, enjoying a variety of outdoor activities like hiking, 滑雪, 骑自行车, 等. 

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International Student Tuition and 成本

A Clarkson education is an investment in your future. We will work with you to guide you through the process of covering tuition and costs, including information about scholarships and other financial aid opportunities for international students.

How to 应用 as an International Student

International student applications include some additional steps on top of undergraduate or graduate requirements. We have listed them to make the process as easy as possible. Find out what the requirements are and whether you are applying as an undergraduate, transfer or graduate international student.


Admitted International Students

Once you have received your acceptance letter, take the following steps to confirm your spot and become an official esball国际平台客户端 student. Find out more about the visa process, submitting final transcripts, securing housing and more.

A Look Into Life At Clarkson

Get a glimpse at life at Clarkson's – from a look at our campus, 学生组织, on-campus dining options, the picturesque change of seasons and more.